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Front simple Comp-style bumper for the Vanquish VS4-10 Pro and Ultra using the stock body. Since it has a large span, I’m using solid 3/16" rod for the main for durability. It has some forward and backward adjustability. It can be built with a few options that you can choose below.


Adding a fairlead mount will put the mount below the bumper tube, lined up with the winch line hole on the VS4-10, integrated into the crossbrace. Without a fairlead mount the bumper will have just a solid metal cross brace.


Adding a stinger will give you a short-style stinger made with tube.

Adding a 'Fancy Stinger' adds 2 support bars to the regular stinger.

VS4-10 Pro / Ultra Front Bumper Configurator

SKU: Dspultrafbump1
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